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Babyliss for Men Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer

Babyliss for Men

Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer


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Our Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer has Japanese Steel blades for smooth, effortless trimming. With 24 cutting lengths for easy every day maintenance of facial hair, from short stubble to longer length beards. Powered by lithium-ion technology which delivers 120 minutes of consistent cordless use. Part of our Japanese Steel Collection.

How to use

  • It is always best to start cutting with a longer length first, then trim again if the length is longer than desired.
  • Hold the trimmer against the hair. Where possible try to hold the trimmer at 90° to the face for best results.
  • Move the trimmer upwards through the hair, a little at a time, against the direction of hair growth.
  • The beard trimmer will work most effectively when cutting through the hair at its own speed – never force through the hair
  • The trimmer can also be used for detailing/ shaping around the edge of the beard.
  • To remove the comb guide, place two fingers either side of the wheel and gently pull to
  • unclick the guide.
  • Pull the guide up and away from the trimmer unit.