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Vitamin C24 30ml


Our skin is constantly battling the harsh world around us – be it stress or free radicals, sun damage or pollution – this damage promotes premature aging.

Vitamin c24 is a combined serum and moisturiser formulated with 22% Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) + 2% Hyaluronic Microspheres. Unlike other Vitamin C products, this dual-action formula stays stable, doesn’t oxidize and is formulated for optimal skin absorption, allowing for the maximum C benefits and potency. Vitamin C24™ is your best daily defence against environmental aggressors.

Skin Concerns:
Premature aging caused by daily exposure to the sun, pollution, free radicals and other environmental aggressors.

Protects from free radicals and environmental aggressors
Builds collagen (Ascorbic acid is essential for cross-linking collagen molecules)
Restores skin’s youthful appearance
Reduces the appearance of premature aging ( the early appearance of lines and wrinkles)
Reduces inflammation
Reduces skin discoloration