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Hero Mighty Patch Surface 10's


Mighty Patch Surface 10's


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Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface Spot Patches are your new breakout hero. Extra large, thin, and great for day or night-time use, these clear spot treatment acne patch sticker strips help absorb spot gunk fast. They're great for acne breakouts on your back, chin, cheeks, forehead, bottom or elsewhere. Plus, they’re protective to prevent picking and help promote healing. Large and lightweight, these clever XL patches blend into your skin tone and feature a powerful adhesive.

Box of 10 XL stickers. Each pimple sticker protects, camouflages and helps encourage healing.

Suggested use: Clean blemish-prone area. Apply Mighty Patch. Remove after 6-8 hours.

Revealing the Hero within:
Blemishes happen. Whether you’re looking to prevent or treat– we create gentle, effective skincare solutions that help your skin fight back.