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Flexi Cup Colour Changing Pink Cup Soft Silicone Straw 300ml


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• The interactive cup motif changes its colour through gentle friction or warm liquid
• Soft-straw made of flexible silicone, for children over 12 months
• Protective cap with practical clip, leakproof due to valve in drinking straw
• Cup made of light and robust material (PP), holds 300ml liquid, BPA-free
• Compatible with NUK First Choice bottle accessories

NUK Flexi Cup with Chameleon Effect - changes its colour! And the way your child drinks too.
This is fun! There is now something that makes drinking even more fun! The NUK Flexi Cup with Chameleon Effect excites children because the motif on the cup changes when warmed or cooled. You can hardly believe it! Your little ones won't want to let one out of their hands.

Whether in the bathtub, or while drinking tea or having a game with ice cubes - whenever it gets really warm or cold, your child can experience the colour-changing effect. How? The motifs on the NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect are temperature-sensitive. The colour disappears or appears whenever the cup is warmed up or cooled down. At room temperature, even warm hands can produce the effect. On a winter walk, you can experience the colour change with a warm tea. In the bathtub, a cool stream of water or some ice cubes make it fun to see the colour change. There are no limits to the imagination. And when a cup is this exciting, interest in drinking also increases in a very natural and happy way.

Of course, the NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect are also spill proof. You will find the chameleon effect on a whole range of NUK cups. Suitable for children who are 12 months or older, up to the age group of children over 24 months.

NUK Flexi Cup, Soft Silicone Straw, 300ml, Leakproof, from 12 months
Drinking fun for children over 12 months: children of this age really like drinking with a straw. With the NUK Flexi Cup (from 12 months), they can easily and playfully drink the recommended daily amount of liquid. And without any splashes: a type of vent makes it spill proof and prevents liquid remaining in the straw, so nothing can squirt out when the cup is opened.

The NUK Flexi Cup comes in fashionable colours, but, of course, still has all the product properties of a polypropylene bottle – as it is resilient, light and BPA-free. In addition, the Flexi Cup is compatible with all other NUK First Choice articles. It complements the tried and tested NUK First Choice range and is a solution for really thirsty, active children.

NUK Flexi Cup - 100% drinking fun for children over 12 months.

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