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NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump


Nature Sense Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump


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Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump, super-soft silicone cushion and ergonomic breast shield -for double time-saving, recommended by midwifes*

  • Extra-powerful pump for use on both sides (single expressing possible)
  • 16 options for different suction rhythms and strengths as well as a memory function to save a favourite session and an LCD display
  • Can be used with rechargeable battery, network adapter or external power bank
  • Includes: 2x NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container 150ml, 2x NUK teat 0-6 months S, 2x screw ring, 2x sealing disk, 2x cover, 2x bottle stand with shoulder strap, USB cable and network adapter
  • Compatible with NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats

Breastfeeding according to your own rules - In the first months of life, babies do not need much other than breast milk and a lot of love. But there are mothers who do not always want to or cannot breastfeed and still want to provide their baby with valuable breast milk. NUK has developed the NUK Nature Sense electric double breast pump especially for mothers who want to express milk in a particularly time-saving manner. Equipped with two nipple shields, it enables efficient pumping both on one breast and on both breasts at the same time.

Strong performance, gentle pumping - Despite its extra powerful motor (max. 330 mbar), the breast pump is particularly gentle on the breast. This is ensured by super soft silicone cushions and 16 different options between suction rhythms and strengths. The mother can easily save her personal favourite mode using the memory button. The LCD smart display provides information about the respective setting and the exact pumping time - through the automatic adaptation to the lighting conditions at any time of the day or night. 89% of the midwives interviewed would recommend the breast pump to mothers who value efficiency and time savings.*

Relaxed expressing at your own pace - In order to trigger the milk ejection reflex, babies suck in a very fast rhythm at the beginning. As soon as the milk flows, they slow it down. Suction power and rhythm are different for every baby. In order to get as close as possible to this principle and to enable mothers to have a comfortable pumping at any time, the NUK Nature Sense electric double breast pump has a particularly large number of individual setting options: It can simulate four different suction rhythms, within which you can choose between four different suction strengths.
96% of the midwives interviewed confirmed that the pump is easy to use. 98% agree that it allows relaxed pumping.*

Every time and everywhere - The NUK Nature Sense electric double breast pump can also be operated without a power connection. The built-in rechargeable battery is sufficient for three pumping sessions of 30 minutes each and can be recharged quickly - e.g. via an external power bank (not included in the delivery). The practical shoulder strap also makes it easy to use the light and handy breast pump on the go. Naturally, it can be combined with all NUK Nature Sense baby bottles and drinking teats - for immediate feeding or safe storage of your valuable breast milk. For maximum flexibility and efficiency in everyday breastfeeding.
Recommended by midwives:*

  • 89% would recommend the breast pump to mothers who want to pump efficiently in a short time
  • 96% confirm that the pump is easy to use
  • 98% agree that the pump allows relaxed pumping

* Independent market research among 46 midwives, February 2019