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Odour Trap Nappy Disposal System - Cool Grey


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Patented odour-trap™ seal prevents bad smells and bacteria from escaping into your home, use with any bag to save your time and money.

Our clever odour-trap™ nappy disposal system helps to lock in odour and bacteria caused by dirty nappies. The unique and patented seal prevents any bad aromas from escaping into your baby’s nursery and home, offering unbeatable odour protection.

No need for expensive refill cassettes, compatible with any bag, from small carrier bags to bin bags. This helps to reduce your plastic consumption and save you money. odour-trap™ is also great for storing reusable until ready for washing. Holds up to 25 nappies at one time, that’s roughly 4-5 days worth of nappies. Saving you multiple trips to the bin daily!

With dirty nappies comes bad smells, germs and bacteria. The odour-trap™ has been carefully developed to lock in those powerful and unpleasant aromas to keep your nursery smelling clean and fresh.

The odour-trap™ is so simple to assemble, empty and clean. It’s the convenient and easy way to dispose of dirty nappies. You don’t need any refills or cassettes, or even specially sized bags. The system will hold up to 25 nappies, which is normally 4-5 full days worth. Saving you the hassle of buying refills, and multiple trips to the bin, not to mention lots of money too.

None! Say goodbye to carrier bag mountain. Any plastic bag is compatible, thick or thin, big or small. Thanks to our patented odour-trap™ seal, continuously offering unbeatable odour protection and freshness.

The future of our planet is a concern for us all. Just because you have chosen to use reusable nappies, why should you not be able to use a clever, odour controlling bin to store your nappies until ready for washing? Well, NOW YOU CAN! The odour-trap™ is fully compatible with both reusable and disposable nappies, helping you to do your bit to look after our planet too.